It is often said that you don't realize the importance of having a healthy and
aesthetic set of teeth until you don't have it.
Losing sleep over an aching tooth, feeling insecure over misaligned teeth,
or being self-conscious over a missing tooth - there are countless concerns
that arise from dental issues.

No matter why you may be seeking to visit our practice, we are fully prepped
and ready to alleviate your concerns and problems. Our experienced staffs
will take full care of you from the moment you step through our door until you
are completely satisfied.
We offer a full line of dental services and procedures as follows:

• Dental Reconstruction
• Whitening
• Dental implant
• Dental cosmetics
• Crown bridge
• Botox

• Orthodontics
• Filler
• Other general dentistry

Boston Dental Group differentiates itself from other practices by
having three dental physicians on staff who provide more
specialized and professional services.  BDG is equipped with the
state of the art equipments and computers for accurate diagnosis
and effective treatment. The entire dental practice is digitalized
from the moment a patient walks through the door. The entire
dental care procedure is fully transparent and monitored by the
professionals at BDG.

Boston Dental Group is currently providing 12 months interest-free
financing program for patients with limited or no insurance
coverage. This program allows patients to pay for dental treatment
over time with no interest, so it is very popular with patients who
want to minimize the financial burden of some procedures.

Boston Dental Group is open every day except Sunday from 9am to
7pm. The practice is located at Randolph Medical Center near the
intersection of Randolph Road and Veirs Mill Road.


Dental Group

4701 Randolph Rd. #115
Rockville, MD 20852

Randolph Medical Center