Some of the most common general dentistry procedures
we perform are:

• Dental Fillings:  Of all the procedures dental fillings are probably the
most frequent. When there is damage to the structure of a tooth due to
decay, wear, or injury, a dental filling is often necessary. Our general
dentistry practice staff is highly accurate about how much anesthetic
you will need to feel virtually no pain or discomfort while having your
tooth filled. This is a simple and common procedure.

• Dental Bonding: Tooth bonding procedures are a quick and pain-free
way to fill in cracks or chips, re-shape teeth, fillin gaps, and improve
tooth color.  This is a simple and common procedure.

• Root Canals: When a tooth is so decayed that the general dentist can’t
save it any other way, a root canal procedure is necessary. At our office,
this general dentistry procedure is painless. When the tooth decay
progresses beyond the enamel of a tooth and reaches the dental cavity
where the nerve endings are, a simple dental filling will not be enough.
Just filling a hole on the surface of tooth will not do anything to stop the
spread of decay in nerves inside the tooth. Root canal procedure cleans
the inside of tooth, so the dental decay can not progess further. This
procedure hollows out the dental cavity of all dead human tissues and
fills it with bio-compatible fillings. Once the inside of tooth is cleaned
and filled, we seal the tooth for good. This is a delicate procedure that
requires a highly skilled dentist as success of the procedure can be
jeopardize if a few tenths of millimeter of nerve tissue is left behind inside
the dental cavity. We have performed numerous root canal procedures
successfully over many years. Due to the fact that this procedure involves
cleaning decaying nerves, some pain can be felt during the procedure.
More decayed your tooth is, less pain you will feel, so if you are feeling pain,
at least be happy that you caught the decay early on.

• Dental Crowns: A dental crown is a tooth shaped cover that the general
dentist places over a tooth to restore its original shape and appearance
after root canal or injury.

• Dental Bridges: To replace a missing tooth, a general dentist often
recommends dental bridge work. The dental bridge closes the gap,
restores your natural mouth function, and improves your appearance.

• Dentures and Dental Services: At our general dentistry practice, We
want all my our patients to be comfortable and happy with their appearance.
So, often we create natural-looking dentures when numerous teeth are

• Dental Implants: When a tooth is missing and you want an artificial denture
in its place, you have three options - Dental bridge, denture and dental
implants. Unlike the other two methods of replacing missing teeths where
the artificial teeth is placed over existing gum or teeth, dental implants plant
the artificial tooth into the jawbone similar to the way your natural teeth are
seated in it. This procedure results in most comfortable and natural looking
set of teeth of all tooth replacement options. While it is not a particularly
painful procedure, it requires many visits and is the costliest of the three
dental replacement options.

• Full Mouth Reconstruction: Combining the art of cosmetic dentistry with
the science of neuromuscular dentistry, We provide the high quality of care
necessary for a full mouth reconstruction general dentistry procedure.


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